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Mamta Mohandas in TA Razak's Soumyam Deeptham

Scriptwriter TA Razak, who has signed to direct Malayalam superstar in his maiden directorial venture, has taken up his second directorial venture even before starting the first film. Razak's latest film titled Soumyam Deeptham is based on a real-life incident and actress Mamta Mohandas will appear in an important role.

TA Razak has reportedly completed the script work for Soumyam Deeptham. The movie revolves around the story of Soumya, who was brutally pushed off a running train and later raped and murdered by a vagabond, Govindachami. The scriptwriter says that this movie will have a fictionalised version of the real incident.

The debut director is very sad over the tragic death of Soumya. He thinks that her death could have been avoided if her co-passengers had reacted to her murderer. Now, Razak wants to send out a strong message to the society through Soumyam Deeptham and bring a transformation in the viewers.

A newcomer will play Soumya, while Mamta Mohandas appears as a witness in Soumyam Deeptham. Sreenivasan will enact a police officer and Tamil actor Samudrakkani plays a lawyer, who defends the man accused of raping and murdering her. Asif Ali will reprise the role of Soumya's fianc

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