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Donning varied roles with panache (Article in Deccan Herald )

When things get going, the good ones, it seems, prefer to go their own way.At the peak of her career, Mamta Mohandas has decided to let the philanthropist have her way. Mamta has finally decided to quit acting, maybe in a year’s time, and get into some serious social work, something that she has always wanted to do. And perhaps, give the singer in her a chance to come out into the open.
Besides, like all 26-year-olds, Mamta too has marriage on her mind.  She is also all set to tie the knot with her childhood friend currently living in Bahrain.

Mamta may not have a long list of films to show off but the ones that she has done were all strong characters and she is popular for the controversial roles she played.

 Mamta will soon be playing the character of Leela in director Ranjith’s ‘Leela’.  “It’s a double role and both the characters are polar opposites. I have to play two different people altogether,” she says. 

In Soumyam Deeptham, a thriller in Malayalam, Mamta dons the role of a witness who gets involved in the aftermath of the tragedy and the character of Soumya is played by a newcomer. “Soumya is brutally raped in a train and is later thrown off the train. I play the character who witnesses the whole thing. While the others on the train actually steer of clear any controversy, I come forward to talk about the murder. It’s a real story and my role is a bold one,” she explains.

She has also been offered the lead role in Mammootty’s first home production, Mathilukalkkapuram, which is a sequel to Adoor’s famous Mathilukal.

“It’s prestigious film and my role is exciting,” she says. Mamta was offered a glamourous role in Bila 2 in Tamil. “I don’t want to commit to any movies right now. My role in Bila... was said to be a glamourous one and I don’t want to trigger anything new in my career by taking up that role,” she reasons.

And Bollywood too came knocking on her doors but the young lass is staying away from taking up a role that’s a little out of the way.

Mamta has sung for a couple of movies and she’s contemplating a career in the music industry, for a change.

Mamta was struck by cancer a year ago and fought through it. She confesses that she has only emerged stronger.  “I never shied away from talking about my illness to anyone. I was open about it and that really help. Even during my illness, I would still wear my make-up and go to work and would shoot like normal,” she says.

“I am glad God chose me for the illness. Anybody else would have broken down,” Mamta adds.

Sourcce : Deccan Herald


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