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Nirakazhcha to be dubbed in Italian

Malayalam movie Nirakazhcha, written and directed by debutant Aneesh J. Karanad, is going to be dubbed in Italian language and will be screened at 600 theaters all over Italy. The director informed that he got the offer following the recent screening of the movie at the ‘Maratea International Film Festival’ in Italy.

Nirakazhcha will also be dubbed in other Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. It is also set to be dubbed in Spanish, German, Russian and Arabic.

The story of the movie revolves around an Italian painter and the role is played by an Italian
television actresses Mamta Mohandas.

The director was quoted saying that he would start work on the dubbing of the film in Italian language. Aneesh wants to add some more passionate scenes in the
movie to make it more palatable for the Italian audience. When the film gets totally ready, it will be screened in 600 theaters in Italy and it will also be aired on a television channel there.

Nirakazhcha, which was released in the Indian theaters on 27th August, 2010, is now running successfully in theaters. It is expected to offer the much needed financial support to the new filmmaker Aneesh.

The director revealed that the film has been received well in Italy. ‘Global Moviemakers’ has produced Nirakazhcha, which also stars Rahima, Millinniala, Manoj K Jayan, Nicole, Libin and Daisy Chacko. M Jayachandran has composed the music of the film and stage actor named Vincenzo Bocciarelli. The painter comes to Kerala to recreate the wonderful Raja Ravi Varma paintings. He falls in love with a model, played by


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